After almost 100 years, Fantales (aka our primary source of Hollywood facts before Wikipedia) are calling it a day.

Nestle announced the ‘sad news’ late on Tuesday, saying that not only were people simply not buying them as much, which in turn meant that the equipment also used to make the teeth-achingly chewy caramel chocolates wasn’t worth maintaining.

“Many of us grew up with Fantales and have fond memories of them,” said Nestle spokesman Andrew Lawrey. “Despite the sense of nostalgia Fantales evoke, unfortunately people simply aren’t buying them as often as they used to.

“In addition, our Fantales equipment needs significant investment. It’s become increasingly difficult to get the parts we need to maintain it, and with declining sales, replacing it isn’t viable.”

Introduced in 1930 with film-themed wrappers which had facts about movie stars and musicians written on them, Fantales were as synonymous as popcorn at the flicks.

Fantales will be available for purchase while stocks last and the last batch will be made in mid-July.