If you’ve specifically been asked to bring a green salad to Christmas lunch, we’re pretty sure they actually meant this.

Baileys has dropped a range of deluxe treats and no one has to know you bought a whole one for yourself, just to test it.

I mean, excuse me, why on earth would you spend actual time making something when these exist:

Baileys x Sara Lee Baked Cheesecake 
Sara Lee has partnered with Diageo’s Baileys to present a decadent baked cheesecake with a rich topping flavoured with the taste of Baileys – sure to be a hit at every Christmas grown-up gathering.

Baileys x Sara Lee Chocolate Pudding 
Indulge the grown-ups in a deep chocolate pudding topped with a rich sauce flavoured with the taste of Baileys.

Both available at Coles now. Race you there.