Jetstar have really shown their age with their latest coming-of-age collab.

Having just turned 18, the airline has teamed up with RAY to create a new range of hard seltzers.

The four limited-edition drinks represent some of their most-loved destinations.

Bali – Rambutan, Soursop, Hibiscus & Balmy Nights
Queenstown – Mulled Wine, Cloves, Cinnamon & Adventure
Melbourne – Deconstructed Cafe Latte & Cool, Urban Vibes
Gold Coast – Coconut, Fairy Floss, Sea Salt & Good Times

Not gonna lie, would’ve loved to have seen one for Karratha or Broome. Who knows, maybe they’re saving that for the 21st.

They’re on sale now for a limited time only at the RAY website if you’re keen.