I know, Caramilk is sooo 2020 BUT that doesn’t mean it stopped tasting ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.

The cult choccy has teamed up with Sara Lee to create a heavenly Mousse cake.

Imagine a caramelised white chocolate Caramilk Mousse layer topped with Caramilk sauce, sprinkled with Caramilk Flake all set on a biscuit base.

Y U M.

The team at Sara Lee and Cadbury know what they’re doing, this isn’t their first rodeo with the launch of their Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Fudge Cake!

Seems like these collab’d frozen dessert ranges are the start of something really really beautiful.

Australian-made, the mousse cake will start showing in freezers at Coles from the 21st February and Woolworths from the 14th of March for $10!


The cake (apparently) serves 6 people, but I like a challenge.


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