It’s a been a spectacular surprise week of new foods and drinkies, including Flamin’ Hot Twisties, Barbecue Shapes seasoning sachets and Bundy’s new Campfire Rum… and now there’s this.

Just when you thought baked beans couldn’t get yummier, SPC have done the unthinkable, releasing Baked Beans in Tomato and Vegemite.

Not gonna lie, I am 100% on board with this, but while some have feelings of trepidation, many online are also thinking this flavour could work.

  • ‘My dad used to always put Vegemite in when he made gravy. I’m keen!’
  • ‘I often smear some Promite on my toast before adding my baked beans’
  • ‘well I put Vegemite in stews so could see how putting it in baked beans could possibly work. Would give it a try at least once.’
  • ‘I would be up for it. Aldi had vegemite sausages, thought they would be gross, I loved them. So, I would actually try these, could be surprised.’

Initially available at Woolworths.