Woolies has revealed how it’s helping to reduce food waste by ‘upscaling’ unsold loaves of bread.

The new initiative, shown via the supermarket’s TikTok, shows staff at the Woolworths in Sydney collecting the unsold loaves at the end of the day before repurposing them as frozen garlic bread.

“In our stores, we bake fresh bread daily,” the clip says.

“However sometimes we don’t sell it all. So, in our Double Bay store, we’re reducing food waste by giving these loaves another life in the form of delicious garlic bread.”

@woolworths_au Garlic bread is a food group. #woolies #woolworths #aussie #throwback #bakery #wooliesgang ♬ original sound – Woolworths_au

It’s understood the same store also turns their unsold sourdough into bread crumbs at their in-store ‘crumbing station’.

Many in the comments expressed their undying love for garlic bread (understandable) and praised the business-savvy supermarket for the ‘less waste’ move.

Most questions surrounded if and when the initiative will be rolled out to other stores.

However, others have called the supermarket out for not donating the unsold bread.

“My local store donates excess bread at the end of the day to Vinnies,” said one.

“Our store donates all loaves to schools for breakfast. the rest goes to pig farmers,” was another.

“In WA it goes to food bank or the farmers who use it as feed,” said another.

Most comments pointing this out were replied to with a friendly “Great suggestion. We’ve shared this with our team. Thank you.”