One of America’s most successful and popular fast food chains have announced huge plans which will see “hundreds” of stores open across Australia.

Abigail Pringle, Wendy’s chief development officer, spoke exclusively with Australian Financial Review where she announced the chains plans to bring “hundreds” of stores down under saying, that the company is confident in Australia’s appetite for their signature dishes.

“We believe Australia is a lucrative market for long-term growth,” Ms Pringle told the AFF.

“We think that the Australian market could be hundreds of restaurants.”

It’s still very early on, the the details are scarce but Ms Pringle indicated the companies possible plans to begin buying up land and building their restaurants before local franchisees buy the locations.

Currently, Wendy’s has around 7000 restaurants around the world which include the UK, Ireland and even New Zealand.

“They’re saying it won’t be another year to 18 months before we start seeing stores around, but if you look at hospitality, restaurant and cafe sales since June last year, they’ve really flatlined to about $5 billion a month now”, said Queensland University of Technology retail expert Dr Mortimer.