It’s one of the most recognisable burger chains in the world. It could be because their burgers are square, could be because their mascot is a Pippi Longstocking rip-off or maybe it’s because they’re home to the delicious Frosty. Honestly, if heaven has a thickshake machine that bad boy is definitely pouring Frosty’s out for all the angels.

Wendy’s has over 1,000 locations around the US, the UK, Canada, and New Zealand but until now Australia has yet to be graced with its presence.

Aussie franchise consulting firm DC Strategy (no, not run by Batman) made the announcement it’s working with the brand to bring them to Australia.

“The Wendy’s Company is looking for world-class, experienced franchise partners with strong operations experience and a proven track record for growing brands in Australia,” they said in a statement.

If you’re interested in a franchise, you can suss it out here.

Fingers crossed the first location will be directly outside my house.