So, we finally learn that our own Premier needed help from his 16-year-old son to set up his ServiceWA app.

The app pulls in proof of vaccination records, the SafeWA QR check-in system and the G2G travel all  into one place.

Thing is, it’s a lengthy and somewhat frustrating process to set up, which could be why, of the 2.1 million West Aussie over the age of 16, around 1.5 million are still yet to register. The app itself isn’t mandatory.

This week, McGowan admitted that the process was complex, revealing that the government was releasing a manual to help users set it up.

“I’ll just encourage people to either use this sort of information, or get help, and there are people out there who will help you,” he said.

“For instance, my 16-year-old helped me.

“I realise these things are complex and digital, the modern age is like that.”

It reminded Clairsy & Lisa about those times you needed your kids to help you out, particularly with techy stuff.

Here’s what happened when they opened the phones…