The Italian region is going all out to boost its population, offering a handy $AU44,000 to entice newcomers.

Calabria is a charming region at the bottom of the country, known as ‘Italy’s toe’, nestled at the tip of the boot-shaped peninsula.

It’s packed full of breathtaking beaches, winding roads, and picturesque mountains, a place that feels like a dream come true.

Now here’s the catch, applicants must be under the ripe old age of 40.

They’re also looking for people willing to get out into the community and work with your new neighbours.

So, if you’re a socially confident person under 40, have two options on how you choose to work. You can either start your own small business to help boost the local economy or take up a job which the locals aren’t too keen on, like restaurants, hotels, and shops.

Oh, and you only have 90 days to apply.

And don’t try to find loopholes either – the payments will be spread out over 3 years unless you need a lump sum to kickstart your own business.

Picture yourself in one of the adorable villages, surrounded by approximately 2,000 other people who are longing for a cappuccino served with a smile.