Kellogg’s CEO Gary Pilnick seems to be channelling Marie Antoinette, suggesting financially strained consumers should eat cereal for dinner.

Pilnick explained in a recent CNBC interview that Kellogg’s is promoting cereal for dinner as a more budget-friendly option.

With taglines like “Give chicken the night off,” Kellogg’s hopes to appeal to consumers seeking affordable meal alternatives.

Pilnick defended the campaign, emphasising the affordability of cereal compared to other dinner options, especially during times of financial strain. However, this advice has sparked criticism on social media, with many finding it insensitive given the current economic challenges.

Despite the backlash, Pilnick remains confident in the campaign’s reception, stating that cereal for dinner aligns with current consumer trends, particularly for those facing economic pressures.

The pandemic has led to significant increases in grocery prices, with consumers spending a considerable portion of their income on food. Food companies, including Kellogg’s, have responded by raising prices to offset higher costs for labour, ingredients, and transportation. Cereal prices alone have surged by 28% since January 2020, prompting Kellogg’s to implement a 12% price hike in its latest fiscal year.

Note to self: if Gary Pilnick invites me over for dinner… impolitely decline.