A Woolworths shopper has taking off on TikTok after testing out his new barcode tattoo, which worked.

What started as a simple vid of buying a bottle of Sprite, ended up as something out of the The Fifth Element when TikTokker Ralph Rivera swiped a barcode tatt on his right forearm in front of the scanner.

“Ah see?” he could be heard saying after the familiar *boop* confirmed that it scanned correctly.

“Your Everyday Rewards card has been added,” the scanner said.

“See it worked,” he told his friend while pointing at the screen.

@ralphrivera247Tattoo hack! Lol.♬ original sound – Ralph Rivera

Yep, the tattoo was the barcode for his Woolies loyalty card.

“hahahahah ultimate time saver,” was one comment.

“could of atleast put the tattoo in a place that doesn’t dislocate your arm using it,” was another.

It reminded us of West Coast’s Nathan Vardy’s tattoo dedication to Dom Sheed’s moment of sealing the team’s 2018 AFL Grand Final win – a QR code which when scanned, brought up a YouTube clip of the unforgettable moment.

‘Never Forget’: Eagle Vardy’s QR Code Tattoo Links To 2018 GF Winning Play