A Victorian tenant has gone viral on TikTok after he found out that his real estate agent was coaching his landlord to raise the rent by a whopping $450 per week because he was too “high maintenance”.

But the kicker? The tenant only found out about the suggested rental hike when he received an email from the agent that was INTENDED FOR THE LANDLORD!

We’ve all been in that terrifying situation where we’ve sent an email to the person that the email was about… buuuut it’s kinda hard to feel sorry for the rental agent in this story.

The email kicks off by referencing previous conversations about the tenant, before launching into a manoeuvre that’s almost straight out of the Bond villain playbook.

“Out of all the properties I manage he has the most maintenance requests and occupies the most of my (and therefore your) time”, the agent complains, pointing out that the tenant was calling every two weeks when his air conditioner was malfunctioning.

“The receptions [sic] are sick of him”, the email continues.

“In order to play this smooth I think you should offer to renew the lease but with an exorbitant increase (I’m thinking go from $500 to $950) and attribute it to the current rental market.

“I don’t think we’d get this much if we relisted but we’d certainly get a bit of a boost not to mention the peace of mind of having a better tennant [sic]”.

We can’t say we’re surprised, we’re just disappointed.

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