An arcade enthusiast by the name of Brandon has revealed a ‘TOP SECRET’ trick to winning a prize from the claw machine.

Catch the video here:

@ufo_brandon How to win the claw machine #fyp #arcadehacks #hellokitty ♬ Butter – 방탄소년단 (BTS)


The secret?

Centre the claw above the prize and press the button as normal, and THEN, hit the button a second time as the claw grabs the item to make the grip tighter.

“If you don’t press it again, you won’t win,” he said in the video that’s since racked up a whopping 9.2 million views.

Brandon’s video was inundated with comments, which were a mixed bag.

“No joke I tried this and won 10,” one person claimed.

“So all these years I’ve been losing all this time…” another said.

“And when I tell u my jaw dropped,” commented a third.

“This 100% does work but I will say it doesn’t always work mainly because you really have to have the skill and grab the prize in the right spot,” explained another.

However some were skeptical with one saying this trick is only effective on some claw machines.

“This doesn’t work all the time; I’ve never won a prize from doing this so maybe I’m doing it wrong,” they said.