Gaming fans take a deep breath, it’s happening, ‘Super Nintendo World’ is launching next year in Universal Studios Hollywood.

Details are scant but will feature a ‘groundbreaking ride and interactive areas’, so Wah-hoo! (said in our best Mario voice)

Nintendo lovers are hoping fan faves from ‘Super Nintendo World’ at Universal Studios Japan will also make their way to the US, such as ‘Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge’ a real-life Mario Kart race that uses augmented reality, projection mapping and screen projections to bring Mario Kart tracks to life, and ‘Yoshi’s Adventure’, a slower ride where guests can ride Yoshi through Mushroom Kingdom.

With Universal’s history of bringing our favourite worlds to life (ahem, Harry Potter anyone?) we have no doubt ‘Super Nintendo World’ is going to have fans saying ‘Let’s-a go!’