Massachusetts public libraries have introduced a heartwarming initiative called ‘Feline Fee Forgiveness’, where patrons can exchange cute cat pictures or drawings to clear late fees or charges for damaged library books.

The program, aimed at fostering a welcoming environment and reducing barriers to library access, was met with enthusiasm as hundreds of items were returned within days of its launch at the Worcester Public Library.

Dubbed ‘March Meowness’, the campaign invites locals to present any cat-related image at the library to have their fines waived.

Librarians spearheading the initiative saw it as a creative way to reconnect with the community after a drop in library attendance during the pandemic.

Jason Homer of the Worcester Public Library expressed the sentiment behind the program, noting that librarians, like many, are cat enthusiasts and saw the opportunity to leverage this shared affection to encourage library visits. The idea arose during a staff meeting brainstorming session, where they pondered how to remove barriers and make the library experience more inviting. Thus, the Feline Fee Forgiveness program was born.