A former payroll officer from Victoria has admitted to embezzling over $1 million from her employer over a six year period, spending a fair chunk of that change on Facebook games, including Candy Crush.

Beginning in 2013, Allison Simmons initiated unauthorised payments to her personal bank account through the company’s payroll system, amassing $279,496 by 2019.

She made a further 435 transactions totalling $884,423 to various other bank accounts before re-routing the funds to herself, resulting in a total theft of $1,163,919.

Simmons’ ruse was up when a colleague noticed a string of irregularities in payroll disbursements and reported it.

It was also revealed that Simmons had also indulged in substantial personal expenditures, including $203,000 in cash withdrawals, $181,000 on Facebook games like Candy Crush, $86,000 on retail purchases, and $151,000 disbursed to family members.

Despite claiming approval from the company’s director, Simmons’ deceit landed her in court where her lawyer cited her history of depression as a mitigating factor, arguing that incarceration would exacerbate her mental health condition.  The prosecution said prison may not significantly worsen her condition, instead highlighting her lack of remorse and a previous conviction for similar offences.

Simmons awaits sentencing.