Oh man, the things our parents made us wear.

On the back of Prince George, 8, being required to wear a blazer and tie during his appearance at Wimbledon this week, Ryan Daniels was reminded of when his mum made him wear something that, honestly, sounds absolutely adorable.

“My sister was really into singing and dancing when she was little, so that was a big part of our life,” he told Clairsy.

“I was a couple of years younger and I think that my mum thought ‘hey, maybe Ryan will love this too,’ so I was wedged into this dance performance.

“I had to wear… oh man, remember the Care Bears?”

Rhino then went on to describe this lil’ outfit he was made to wear that was clearly equal parts cute-as-a-button and kill-me-now.

The guys then opened the phones to find out what outfits your parents insisted upon you as a kid…