If you were to win the lotto, you’d split the winnings with your significant other, right? Right?!?

A recent lotto winner from an unknown part of the world, recently took to a forum on reddit,  ‘Am I The A**hole’ to ask the question, should she split the winnings with her husband?

In the post, she explained that her preference would be to spend the winnings on a holiday, but her husband believes the winnings should be put into their joint savings account.

“We have a joint account but also separate accounts for spending,” reddit user @GasBiscuit-13 explained in her post.

She went onto explain that her husband wanted to save the money to purchase a house or a car, but the woman believes that it “doesn’t seem fair to me since I bought the ticket, scratched it, and cashed it in for the money myself”.

“My husband isn’t owed half of the money just because we are married,” the woman insists.

The posts comments section isn’t exactly full of praise for the woman though with users questioning her, “Let’s review: You don’t want to celebrate your winnings with your husband. You certainly don’t want to share the winnings with your husband. And you don’t want to travel with your husband. Why are you married?” one user questioned.


“If he won, you know you would be pissed if he acted like you are. I can understand you buying something frivolous after paying bills and debt,” said another.

Another user added: “I don’t know any healthy relationship that wouldn’t ‘treat’ their partner, and I don’t know how you could go on a holiday of a lifetime without your partner.”

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