A Woolworths customer recently expressed frustration over what she deemed a “disgusting” incident in the fruit aisle of her local store.

According to her social media post, she witnessed another shopper opening three separate punnets of blueberries, inspecting and squeezing the berries inside, and then returning them to the shelf.

This behaviour raised concerns about food hygiene and the potential impact on other customers who might unknowingly purchase the compromised fruit.

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“Okay, so I just went and grabbed some groceries and please tell me this is normal,” she said.

“A lady walked over and she was standing in front of me at the blueberries and strawberries in Woolworths, and she opened up the blueberries and started touching them.

“After she squeezed the blueberries, she put them back and did it to another two punnets until she grabbed the one she wanted and walked away.”

“Is that normal? Yuck.”

Social media users were quick to slam the customer’s actions in a series of fiery responses.

“Oh p*ss off. I don’t want to buy blueberries again now,” said one.

Another: “Yuuuuckkkk!! I wash ours and this makes me so mad!”