That’s a headline I never thought I’d write but here we are.

Big W is copping a LOT of heat online for selling real, legitimate, working, at-home tattoo kits via their ‘Big W Market’.

According to the website, Big W Market is a place where hand-picked, trusted sellers can sell everything from furniture and tech to appliances, home decor, toys, and white goods.

Well, one of those “trusted, hand-picked” third-party sellers thought a tattoo gun was a great idea.

The item was quickly removed from the website when some upset customers (narcs) flagged it with the company.

A Big W representative told tattoo kit was recently listed on BIG W Market and we acknowledge this product was not categorised correctly. We can confirm we have removed it from sale, and no orders have been fulfilled.”


What a fun time to work in their customer service department.

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