Well, that was a tough day for those who are even reasonably tech-savvy, and an even tougher one for those who aren’t so.

On Tuesday, the state government launched its new ServiceWA app, integrating proof of vaccination records, the SafeWA QR system and the G2G travel pass.

To set it up, users must also have set up a supporting MyGovID and Medicare accounts, which requires them to prove their identity with ID such as a passport or driver’s licence.

Even Mark McGowan said to “aside 30 minutes for the full set-up process”.

“Once you’re set up you won’t need to open multiple apps or carry other forms of identification to check-in and enter certain venues and events – it’s now all in one place,” the Premier wrote on Facebook. Instructions are on their website.

And that’s just it, once you’re set up, it’s great – everything really is all in one spot.

The painful thing is, you actually have to set it up.

If you start the process without already having registered with both your Medicare and a MyGovID account AND 100 points of ID handy, you’re going to have a bad time, so make sure you have those things sorted first.

Many of us didn’t have those things ready to go when we downloaded it… and it showed.

Anyway, to say the app had a mixed reception was a glaring understatement, hit PLAY to hear what Clairsy & Lisa said about it…

Here’s a snippet from the socials…


God speed, everyone.