A Perth florist has had to ‘step away from Valentine’s Day this year’ due to running out of roses.

Rebecca Grace of Natural Art Flowers made the announcement on Instagram.

“It is with regret that we’ve decided not to offer Valentines for 2022,” she wrote.


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“Mondays have always been the most tricky of days for Valentine’s Day and with the current COVID situation roses & many other flowers are almost double the price. On top of that, most of these blooms are being delivered early the week before Valentine’s day due to a lack of flights.

“Quality of product is extremely important to us, so it is with great regret that we have decided to step away from Valentines Day this year.”

Here’s what Lisa said about it this morning on The Bunch…

It comes as supermarket shortages continue to leave shelves bare in WA on common items like toilet paper, chicken, rice and pasta, after a ‘once-in-200-year’ flood in SA left 300km of critical rail infrastructure damaged.

Don’t forget you can now get heart-shaped McNugget boxes from Maccas, so not all is lost.