Forget the footlong, there’s a giant conti roll in Perth which measures over a metre.

For $99.99 and a bit of a warning, the Angelo St Market will knock up one of their 1.2 metre-long ‘Contimental’ rolls for you.

Granted, this absolute unit it meant to feed roughly 10 people… but honestly, we’re with our mates over at MAN v FOOD who reckon it could take just one super hungry geezer to knock-off (and quite possibly never need to eat again, ever).


Once they get hold of the sesame seed sourdough roll from the North Street Store (clearly delivered in a Tarago), this thing is packed with smoked ham, sopressa, mortadella, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, red pepper, marinated eggplant, Spanish olives, sundried tomato and mayo.

You can find it here.