A man who donated his mother’s body to the Biological Resource Center in Arizona for medical research had discovered her body was instead sold-on to the US military.

Jim Stauffer’s mother, Doris, died in hospice care in 2013 after suffering from Alzheimer’s. At the time, he had hoped her brain would be used for medical research into the disease.

Years later, the truth of what her body was instead used for is nothing short of horrifying. Even worse, Mr Stauffer wasn’t alone. He was one of 33 plaintiffs named in a lawsuit against the centre, where it was revealed that some families didn’t learn about their loved ones sold donated bodies from the centre or the US Army, but rather, news outlet Reuters.

Lisa recounted the shocking (and largely unknown) story this morning, hit PLAY to listen…

The full investigative series by Reuters called ‘The Body Trade’, can be found here