Aussies are being urged to claim their share of a whopping $234 million in unclaimed Medicare benefits.

The Department of Social Services recently dropped the bombshell that millions of us could be sitting on a goldmine, with an average of $240 owed per person in unclaimed Medicare benefits.

As the festive season and summer holidays are just around the corner, Minister of Government Services Bill Shorten is encouraging Aussies to ensure their bank details are up-to-date on the myGov website and app.

According to Shorten, this simple act could unlock a slice of this multimillion-dollar pie. “We know Australians are doing it tough, and I want to reunite people with millions in unpaid Medicare benefits before the holidays,” he said.

The Department of Social Services has identified young Aussies aged 18 to 24 as the biggest group missing out on these refunds, with more than 200,000 individuals in this age bracket eligible for a payout.

For the 690,000 myGov account holders, a notification about this unclaimed money will soon pop up on their screens. But for the estimated 300,000 who are owed money and don’t have a myGov account, the government is urging them to create an account and input the correct bank details, pronto.

If you prefer to give them a ring, you can do so at 132 011, available 24/7.