The logo for Prime Minister and Cabinet’s (PM&C) new ‘Women’s Network’ has been slammed online for its phallic appearance.

The Network is intended to promote gender equality by championing “equal opportunity on behalf of its members” and is a “volunteer-based organisation built by members, for members”.

“The Women’s Network assists PM&C and is enabling cultural change aspirations expressed in the Department’s 100-1000 day plan for transformational change by helping implement PM&C’s Gender Equality Action Plan and Embracing Inclusion and Diversity Program,” the description reads.

“The Women’s Employee Network promotes gender equality and supports members to succeed in their personal professional lives. The network priorities are founded on driving cultural change and encouraging men to drive this cultural change, particularly in areas where men can make a significant contribution.

“The network promotes women’s career success by facilitating opportunities for learning, networking and career mobility and encouraging flexible approaches to work.”

Instead of focusing on the Network’s objectives, online users couldn’t get past the logo, with many comparing it to a penis.

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