Originally used to facilitate proof of vaccination information, check-ins and G2G passes, there are now plans to expand the ServiceWA app.

The state government is keen to look at new ways of using the app, considering it had $4.7 million the 2022-23 Budget set aside for it.

Premier Mark McGowan has revealed the app will have information from Fuel Watch added in the coming days.

“We’re looking at putting in there a digital seniors card, digital SmartRider, emergency bushfire alerts – they’re all being explored.”

“In the longer term we could look at a digital driver’s licence, vehicle registration, getting your bills and paying them [and] paying fines and infringements.”

The app has had more than 1.2 million downloads by 80 per cent of WA adults.

“People’s lives have become more reliant on technology. We’re exploring ways to deliver increased services to the community in the digital world,” McGowan added.