One of the next technological revolutions is about to become somewhat normalised.

You would’ve heard of blockchain and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but how does it relate to the emergence of the next generation of the internet known as ‘Web 3.0’?

The ultimate goal of Web 3.0 is to create more intelligent, connected and open websites by using blockchain, a record-keeping system best known for making crypto transactions happen.

Thing is, what was once a bit out of reach is now becoming more user-friendly and mainstream, particularly as TAFE rolls out its first accredited course in blockchain technology.

While the Diploma of Applied Blockchain is currently only offered at TAFE Queensland, it could branch out considering its future real-world applications in the arts, banking and business sectors, such as using crypto to buy concert tickets.

Partnering with Blockchain Collective, it will be Australia’s first nationally-recognised blockchain course with access to student loans, and is geared to skill people for non-tech roles.

“While software engineers and IT experts are needed to implement and support blockchain applications, non-tech people are also needed to handle business operations that are vital to the overall blockchain project,” TAFE Queensland General Manager Karen Dickinson said.

“For example, there is a high demand for blockchain project managers who are in charge of the entire lifecycle of a blockchain project – from planning, supervision to execution, and deployment.”

Check out the course here.