An Adelaide bar has cancelled an event where women would receive free drinks based on their bra size.

Woolshed on Hindley’s caught people’s attention with the controversial promo where the bigger the breast size, the more free drinks women could get.

Participants would also be required to remove their bra upon entry until they left.

“Hanging your bra is uncomfortable, hang it up in the shed and let loose. That means you as well boys,” the now-deleted Instagram post read.

“A cup = 1 free drink, B cup = 2 free drinks, C cup = 3 free drinks,” it also read, with the tag line,”the bigger the better.”

Woolshed on Hindley's controversial promotion offering women free drinks based on their bra size

On Sunday, the bar posted an apology to social media announcing the event’s cancellation after copping massive backlash.

Sorry E cups, the party’s off.