West Australian Premier Mark McGowan has resigned in a bombshell announcement, midway through his second term in office, citing exhaustion.

Mr McGowan, 55, held a snap press conference on Monday where he confirmed his intention to step down as premier, treasurer and the member for Rockingham.

“This week will be my final week,” he told reporters.

“I’ve loved the challenge of solving problems, making decisions, getting outcomes, and helping people.

“But the truth is, I’m tired.

“Extremely tired.

“In fact, I’m exhausted.”

The premier said the role of political doesn’t stop, was relentless and the COVID-19 years had taken it out of him.

“I’m convinced WA Labor can win – and will win- the next election in 2025,” Mr McGowan said.

“But I just don’t have the energy or drive that is required to continue in the role as premier or to fight that election which would have been my eighth election as a member of parliament.”

The former Navy lawyer, who shepherded WA through the pandemic, led Labor to crushing election victories in 2017 and 2021, the latter securing his party the biggest parliamentary majority in the state’s history.

He had previously insisted he would serve out the remainder of his second term as premier before considering his future.

The premier made the announcement flanked by his wife, Sarah, and members of his ministry.

Mr McGowan said he had been contemplating stepping down “for quite a while” but had wanted to first hand down this month’s state budget.

He said it had been an honour and privilege to serve the WA community as premier and as an MP for almost 30 years.

“It’s way beyond what I could ever have imagined my career would amount to,” he said.