The AFL has launched an investigation to piece together exactly what led to a boozy fight involving Steven May and Jake Melksham of the Melbourne Football Club on Sunday night.

Ryan Daniels told Clairsy & Lisa the AFL is now investigating despite the club doing their own low-key “everything’s fine, look away” investigation because the restaurant has now made a formal complaint to police.

“What the hell went on?” Lisa asked.

While the club is saying that the fight happened across the road in a park, the restaurant is saying it happened inside their property where some damage was made, including to their reception desk.

It’s not known exactly what transpired but Rhino said could have had something to do with some “below the belt” comments made.

“A lot of those comments seemed to relate to those guys who weren’t part of the premiership team,” he said.

“So maybe it started off as good humour, but that stuff to me seems a bit below the belt.”

Apparently this kind of ‘us and them’ chatter isn’t uncommon, Hawthorn premiership play Jordan Lewis has previously remarked that there can be a “sudden separation” among players when clubs win flags.

“Because there’s guys who got the medal and the guys who didn’t… there’s a bit of awkwardness there and I think it’s a very real thing,” Rhino said.

“So those guys (without medals), they don’t want to hear that, to me it’s a real dick move.”

Dees captain Max Gawn has denied claims a grand final sledge caused the kick-off, that “a lot of banter” was involved.

“I do want to get that out there. Because that looks bad on characters – that wasn’t said … There was some other hurtful banter that was there.”

Whatever happened, Rhino said it straight: “It’s starting to unravel a little bit.”

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