Dockers fans, if you had any doubt that screaming for your team makes no difference, let us 100% reassure you it absolutely does.

Dave Mundy dropped in as usual on Wednesday morning and, honestly, the guy is one bloody happy camper.

And after having a good yarn about their 78-point flogging of North Melbourne, Lisa asked the Dockers legend how it felt to hear the chanting (and the Mexican Wave) about halfway through the game.

“Will Brodie has mentioned it a few times,” he said, adding that he wasn’t used to huge crowds during his 20-odd games for Gold Coast.

“One of our first games this year we had maybe around 28,000 people at Optus,” Mundy recalled.

“And after the game in the showers, [Brodie] was like ‘man, how good is that?’, ‘It’s so loud’, ‘Optus Stadium is insane’, ‘our fans are so noisy and passionate’… it blew his mind.”

“I remember saying to him ‘mate, if we go alright, it’s only gonna get crazier than that!’”

But it’s not just the chanting, Mundy also had something to say about footy’s newest word: Flagmantle.

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