Golf fans who ventured into the drinks tent for a beer at the PGA Championship in the US this week got one helluva rude shock.

While chatting to Clairsy & Lisa on Friday, Ryan Daniels asked what would be the absolute most they’d pay for a can of beer.

Clairsy said he’d pay no more than $8 while Lisa noped out entirely as she’s not a beer drinker.

OK, well how about this…

According to this photo… a can of Michelob Ultra (a light beer) set spectators back $US18 – or $AU25 – while a Stella Artois, an eye-watering $AUD27.

Signature cocktails are $AU27 each, regular cocktails are $AU21 and wine is $AU18.50. Bottles of water are $AU8.50 each.

Golfweek reported that the beers are sold in 750mL cans.

Even former PGA Championship winner Justin Thomas was gobsmacked.