It’s been a hugely contentious story all week.

An article by the Herald Sun said West Coast are spending more than $6 million of their $13 million salary cap on just seven players.

The players were reported as Jeremy McGovern ($1.1m), Andrew Gaff ($900K), Tim Kelly ($900K) Elliot Yeo ($850K), Jack Darling ($800K) Luke Shuey ($800K) and Nic Naitanui ($700K).

This would mean the club’s remaining 35 listed player contracts would be crammed into half of their cap space.

“Since then, Adam Simpson, Trevor Nisbett, half of the players, [and] Elliot Yeo have all debunked this,” Ryan Daniels told Clairsy & Lisa on Friday.

But it was Nic Nat’s sassy reaction that had us in stitches

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