One of the hottest commodities in AFL Trade Week is hands-down, Luke Jackson and, as we suspected, it’s likely that his deal will take up the whole 10-day trade period.

“It will,” Ryan Daniels remarked.

“And I think it’ll drag into Tuesday and possibly even Wednesday, which is the final day.”

In a nutshell, Fremantle have offered pick 13 plus their future first, Melbourne have said no.

“Fremantle said ‘too bad’, that’s the best we’ve got,” Rhino said before saying that no extra stuff is being thrown-in at this stage.

“So everything has stopped.”

Melbourne have since had a sniff at what West Coast have to offer regarding Jackson. Thing is, while they would like him, they have a big list rebuild to consider. Meaning they can’t cough-up the big bucks for just one player.

“They need more than just Luke Jackson,” Rhino said.


In the same breath, he reckons the deal with Freo will get legs again… which will result in snagging Jackson.

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