Merv Hughes has weighed in on Cricket Australia’s rule that all Australian players will be required to wear neck guards starting from October 1.

While some of Australia’s top batters, notably David Warner and Steve Smith, have previously resisted using the protective devices, Hughes supported the decision.

“[CA] don’t do it because they just want to do it, they do it for the safety of the players,” he told Clairsy & Lisa.

CA’s decision comes nearly a decade after the tragic death of Phillip Hughes (no relation to Merv) at the SCG which shook the cricketing world, prompting calls for improved safety measures.

Failure to comply with the mandate could have cricketers fined $5000 (or more) during the World Cup and the home international season.

It’s one of 12 changes CA’s made, including scrapping the automatic six rule for balls that hit the roof at Marvel Stadium during BBL matches.

Merv is in town for the Perth Boat Show this weekend at the Convention Centre.