As if the conspiracy theorists needed more fuel on the ‘where is the Princess of Wales?’ fire, four of the world’s leading news photo agencies have issued a ‘mandatory kill’ notice over the latest snap of Kate Middleton.

The portrait, understood to have been taken by Prince William, features the princess, aged 42, alongside her three children and was prominently shared on the couple’s official Instagram account, coinciding with Mother’s Day in the UK. It was also picked up and distributed by renowned agencies like Associated Press and Getty Images:

It was the first official picture of the princess after not being seen for two months following abdominal surgery in January. She was also recently papped in the passenger seat while being driven by her mum Carole near Windsor:

However, just hours after the picture’s release, various photo agencies pulled it over concern it may have been manipulated at the source by way of AI or Photoshop.


Despite this, the image continues to live on the couple’s official Instagram account.