Priscilla Presley has contested her late daughter Lisa Marie Presley’s will.

Priscilla is contesting a previously added amendment in 2016 has an “invalid” signature, according to court documents filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, obtained by Us Weekly.

The filing allegedly states Priscilla and Lisa Marie’s former business manager Barry Siegel were originally co-trustees before they were removed in favour of her children, Riley Keough and Benjamin Keough.

Lisa Marie shared Riley and Benjamin, who died by suicide in 2020 at 28 years old, with her first ex-husband, Danny Keough.

Riley, who recently revealed that she and her husband Ben Smith-Petersen welcomed a daughter, is currently the sole trustee of Lisa Marie’s estate since the death of her brother. Priscilla, on the other hand, says this new amendment has issues when it comes to the “authenticity and validity” of her daughter’s signature. She said the penmanship doesn’t match her “usual style,” the new outlet reports.

This addendum was reportedly “not witnessed or notarized,” so Priscilla says it’s an “invalid modification.” The terms of the agreement state Priscilla would have had to have been notified of any changes, and she claims she wasn’t.

This estate battle marks the second legal scuffling within the Presley family. After Lisa Marie’s death on January 12, the custody of her twin daughters who she shares with ex-husband Michael Lockwood came into question.

TMZ reported at the time that several family members were tempted to make a play at custody of Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood and Finley Aaron Love Lockwood, both 14 years old. Lockwood is ultimately expected to get full custody of the girls, despite their “contentious divorce.” Harper and Finley also made it clear they want to live full-time with Michael.

A source added that the twins have been living with Lockwood since Presley’s death and “they are comfortable with the new arrangement.”