A sci-fi flick about a data analyst with a distrust of AI who must save humanity by working with a rogue robot? I’m in.

Following the classic ‘dangers of artificial intelligence’ theme, Atlas has proven a surprise hit.

While her self-financed ‘This is me… Now’ docu-series about herself hasn’t been well received, Jennifer Lopez gives a solid performance as Atlas.

The AI renegade is played by Simu Liu, previously seen as the hero of Shang-Chi and as one of the Ken’s in Barbie.

The cast also includes the brilliant Sterling K Brown as Colonel Elias Banks and Gregory James Cohan as ‘Smith’ while there is a brief appearance from Mark Strong and it’s always good to see him in any film.

Director Brad Peyton has said that the video game Titanfall was an inspiration for the film and giant robot mechs are certainly in line with that. You could almost slap a “Titanfall: Atlas” on the title and it would make perfect sense. He had worked on a video game adaptation previously starring The Rock called “Rampage”.

Atlas is currently sitting in the number one spot in Australia and is streaming now on Netflix.

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