Danny Boyle and Alex Gardner are again joining forces for ’28 Years Later,’ the sequel to their 2002 zombie horror film, ’28 Days Later.’

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the pair is currently presenting the project to studios, hinting at the potential for it to mark the beginning of a trilogy.

The proposed arrangement involves Boyle taking on the directorial role for ’28 Years Later,’ with Gardner handling the writing duties for all three films.

In ’28 Days Later,’ Cillian Murphy portrayed a bike courier who wakes up from a coma only to find out that an unintentional release of a highly contagious virus has transformed people into zombies.

The film spawned a sequel in 2007 titled ’28 Weeks Later,’ although neither Boyle nor Gardner were part of that project.

Boyle’s recent work includes directing the episodic series ‘Pistol,’ centred around the Sex Pistols. Meanwhile, Garland is both the writer and director of the A24 thriller ‘Civil War,’ scheduled for release in April.