From the producers of Pitch Perfect and Cocaine Bear is a new flick out today called… Bottoms.

“It’s not about bottoms,” our movie guy Ben O’Shea was straight-up to say, adding that he also promised he wasn’t about to push anyone’s Onlyfans account.

The basic premise is that it’s a raunchy coming-of-age comedy about two unpopular high school friends who are at the bottom of the food chain social hierarchy.

“These sort of movies are a dime a dozen and most of them are pretty forgettable,” O’Shea said before listing off the best ones of that genre, namely Mean Girls, Heathers, Superbad, Clueless… and now Bottoms.

“It is an absolute cracker!” he remarked.

Hit PLAY to listen in as to why he gave it (a very rare) 4 stars…

Check out the trailer here: