A new documentary telling the fascinating true story behind the meteoric rise of Milli Vanilli during the late ’80s and early ’90s, ultimately revealing the shocking truth that they had been lip-syncing all along, has been picked up by Paramount+.

Titled simply Milli Vanilli, the film will premiere at the Tribeca Festival on June 10 before it’s rolled out on the streaming platform.

Milli Vanilli takes audiences behind the scenes, offering exclusive interviews with the group’s members, Fab Morvan and the late Rob Pilatus, as well as the real singers, record executives, and the producer behind the R&B duo.

Director and producer Luke Korem emphasised the importance of unveiling the reality behind the sensational headlines that plagued Milli Vanilli for more than three decades.

Fab Morvan expressed his gratitude, stating, “Finally — the true story of Milli Vanilli has been told! I’m thankful to Luke Korem and his team for their thoroughness. The filming of this documentary allowed me to revisit my journey, leaving no stone unturned. I can now bring closure to this chapter in peace… Get ready to take a walk in our steel-toe boots.”

In addition to the doco, Milli Vanilli is also the subject of an upcoming biopic titled Girl You Know It’s True.