She’s best known as a founding member of the 1980s band Do-Ré-Mi with their top-5 hit ‘Man Overboard’ and her Top 20 hit single, ‘It’s Only the Beginning’ from her 1991 album, String of Pearls… and now, Deborah Conway is an author.

Book of Life is a memoir which takes us behind the gritty curtain of one of the most renowned women in the Aussie music industry.

Conway told Clairsy & Lisa the memoir started off as one project but when the reality of writing a 400-page book turned out to be a bit too daunting, it ended up as another.

“We decided I’d write 100 essays on 100 songs… and I wrote them in alphabetical order,” she said.

“These were manageable chunks, but it didn’t end up that way.”

Conway touched on how she can even remember details for a memoir, how she finds writing a book easier than writing a song… and performing on Countdown.

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Deborah Conway will open the Writer’s Weekend for the Perth Festival, February 23, 2024