This year may indeed mark the 30 years of ‘The Honeymoon is Over’, but it seems we never got over The Cruel Sea’s legendary album.

The band’s frontman (known also as the other ‘man in black’) Tex Perkins caught up with Clairsy & Lisa ahead of hitting the stage at Fremantle Prison this week after a string of warm-up dates over east.

“We’ll be peaking by the time we get to Freo,” Perkins said before chatting about one of the most memorable gigs of his career… which was in Perth.

In 1995, The Cruel Sea were supporting The Rolling Stones’ Voodoo Lounge tour at the now-defunct Perry Lakes Stadium, but it wasn’t the concert that the Stones put on for the 30,000-strong crowd that was unforgettable, it was their soundcheck.

“I adored their soundcheck more than the show,” he admitted.

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