Pink has become known for her incredible acrobatic performances and although she’s a pro, there’s one that even she admits “was a lot.”

During her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the singer discussed her 2017 American Music Awards performance of ‘Beautiful Trauma’ which saw her dangling off the side of the JW Marriott hotel in Los Angeles.

“That was a lot,” she told Kimmel. “I was a lot higher than I wanted to be.” She also revealed she only had three days to learn the ropes and got through the dangerous performance with the help of some whiskey.

Pink also said that some hotel guests weren’t aware of that night’s performance, literally on their windows.

“I could’ve been sued as a peeping tom,” she joked.

Pink is about to embark on a new tour in the US, which “always” includes husband Carey Hart, daughter Willow and son Jameson joining her.

While her kids are a bit older now (11 and 5 years old respectively), touring with them was always difficult, mainly as Pink wanted to do everything with them at every waking moment, which became unsustainable.

“You have to decide. Like OK, what is this one thing I’m going to give to myself and try not to feel guilty about, and for that it was breakfast.” She also revealed that with the help of sleep trainers, touring with her kids “worked brilliantly.” So much so, she wrote an actual manual for other touring mothers.

Pink will perform her new single ‘Never Gonna Not Dance Again’ on the 2022 American Music Awards stage this weekend – as well as a tribute to Olivia Newton-John.