Just what was the deal with the double-names in the ’80s?

Gary Beers from INXS for awhile called himself Garry Gary and Pseudo Echo’s bass player was known as Pierre Pierre, and of course there was Duran Duran.

Clairsy & Lisa put it to Pseudo Echo’s Brian Canham, and while he couldn’t comment on Garry Gary… he confirmed a direct connection between his bass player and, at the time, a little known band from Birmingham, England.

Shorty after agreeing on the name Pseudo Echo, the band also had a chat about their individual names.

“There was a slight stigma of anything outside of being all-Australian back then,” Canham explained.

“And a lot of Europeans were changing their names to more Australian – or just something not-so-European. It’s obviously strange when you look back on it now.”

Which brings us to their bass player, Pierre Gigliotti.

While keyboard player Tony Lugton was going through band names, he came across Duran Duran, a relatively unknown band at the time.

“He said ‘oh, Duran Duran’, there you go, ‘Pierre Pierre’… and it stuck.”

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