First it was weird puppets from children’s TV, interesting Aussie frogs and Ozploitation movies, now INXS is getting the ranking treatment from The Guardian’s random list section called ‘Sorted’.

There’s no reason for the ranking, it’s casual and completely subjective to the person writing it, so you know it’s going to cause absolute friction.

Speaking of which, it took our Lisa – a huge INXS fan – a split nanosecond to point out the list’s shortcomings…

15. Bitter Tears (1990)

14. Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain) (1985)

13. What You Need (1985)

12. Disappear (1990)

11. I Send a Message (1984)

10. Beautiful Girl (1992)

9. Mystify (1987)

8. New Sensation (1987)

7. Suicide Blonde (1990)

6. By My Side (1990)

5. Devil Inside (1988)

4. Don’t Change (1982)

3. Original Sin (1983)

2. Need You Tonight (1987)

1. Never Tear Us Apart (1987)

Hit PLAY to listen in, let us know if you agree…

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