Robert Plant says that one of his most iconic poses is actually the result of insecurity with his own singing.

The Led Zeppelin frontman says he often arched his back away from his microphone hand, not to look like a glorious golden-haired rock god, but to soften the blow of an out-of-tune note.

“I often did it like that because I didn’t really know whether I could hit the right peckin’ note!” Plant said on his Digging Deep podcast.

“I’ll go as far away from the microphone just in case it’s not very good! Because you don’t know sometimes.”

Plant also revealed that Zep’s ‘Immigrant Song’ was a track that always gave him the yips, noting that the song’s “call to arms” section is rather ill-suited for his voice.

He once went 23 years without performing ‘Immigrant Song’ in concert, breaking that streak in 2019 for an audience in Iceland.