Gorillaz enlisted some pretty big names for their upcoming album Cracker Island, but perhaps the biggest is Stevie Nicks.

The Fleetwood Mac singer is featured on a track called ‘Oil’ and recently gushed about her experience working on the song in a new interview.

“Well, I have to tell you, it was really great,” she said.

“Because [Cracker Island co-producer] Greg Kurstin sent [the song] to me. I call Greg back, and I go, ‘Oh, I think this is now our new favourite song, and I haven’t even sung on it yet. But yes, I would love to do this.’”

“I learned that song as if I had written that song and as if I was a Englishman, with that accent. And I love it so much.” she added.

However, the iconic singer-songwriter had “one demand” for appearing on the album: she wanted to be featured in the music video.

“Because that’s how I know about the Gorillaz, is because of all their crazy cartoon videos,” Nicks explained.

“I want to be a Gorilla, and I want to have big, false eyelashes, and I want to have blonde hair, right? So, that’s what I said. And so, they’re doing it as we speak. And the whole song is… I think that song is somewhere between love and war.”

“I can’t wait till it comes out because I’m so proud of it,” she continued.

“Now, I was an honorary Heartbreaker. I was an honorary Foo Fighter. And now, I’m an honorary Gorilla. I’m so happy.”

Cracker Island is tipped for a February 23 release.